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Vanessa Gil is the best admissions counselor anyone can ask for! I looked into consultants after taking the GMAT. I had obtained a 720 which was good, but below average for the two schools I had targeted: the Stanford GSB and Harvard Business School.

In order to diversify my risks, I chose to work with two consultants on those applications. I first worked on my HBS application with a consultant (whom I thought wasn’t so good). Vanessa was the consultant with whom I worked on my Stanford application.

Working with Vanessa was the best thing that could have happened to me. Vanessa and I got along immediately. I told her about my concerns with my former counselor and she gave me the ability to be my true self in my applications. She and I spent hours on the phone discussing the most detailed items of my application from positioning, wording, approach, what works and what doesn’t to what Stanford specifically likes in candidates. Literally everything. She was accessible, nice, competent and open-minded. It felt reassuring to be working with such an amazing person.

Vanessa and I worked hard in those several weeks I worked on my GSB application. The level of attention she gave me was unparalleled. She understood who I was as a person, what I stood for, and what I wanted to convey in my applications like no one else. Her perspective was invaluable. 

Vanessa and I finally submitted Stanford early October.  Mid-October, I found out I got declined from HBS, without an interview (the school I worked with the other consultant on). 

Early November, I got notice that I got an interview with the GSB. Vanessa and I prepped for it in a rigorous manner with 3 mock interviews and detailed question by question feedback. I went into the interview feeling confident, and aced it.

Mid-December: I found out I got into my dream school, the Stanford GSB. The bottom line is that none of this would have been possible without Vanessa. Her trusted advice, intelligence and amazing personality made this stressful process an enjoyable experience. When you think about it, Vanessa only helped me with one business school, and it turns out that the school is actually the hardest one to get into. With Vanessa, my hit rate was 100%. I know, “impressive” you would say. However, the minute you meet her, you will realize it’s not all that surprising. Vanessa is an unbelievable person who simply gets it. If you’re driven, focused and dedicated, she will get you into your dream school. That’s what she does, and she does it better than anyone else in the industry.

--Successful MBA applicant, admitted to Stanford Graduate School of Business

I got into my first choice, Wharton, and I can recommend Vanessa Gil because she helped me be the best version of myself.

First, I am from Latin America, and Vanessa has the expertise to understand and value different backgrounds and focus on my strengths not on what I did not have. Second, she has an incredible amount of experience which made the process of problem-solving my application useful and insightful, as well as she knew perfectly everything I needed to know from the different MBA programs. Finally she was fun to work with, in comparison to my co-workers applying to the MBA, I felt Vanessa had my back because she worked hard for me always replying with useful feedback on time; being sensitive and understanding that it is a complex process that applicants need to navigate and in synthesis becoming a center of solutions, not of more concerns.

This for me is the difference from good to great.

--Admitted to Wharton MBA, applicant from Mexico

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