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Vanessa's services were referred to us by a family member who was admitted to the Stanford MBA program. Vanessa successfully guided our 12th-grader son through his college application and as a result, he was able to enter his dream school: Carnegie Mellon University. Vanessa mentored him on a weekly basis via Skype calls, and even more often via emails, first working on a deep introspection and then encouraging him to find the key moments in his life that would best express his character, goals and unique story. Vanessa's background combines a strong knowledge of psychology, 10+ years experience in college counseling, and a passion for storytelling that allows each candidate to shine. Vanessa understands how to motivate and guide teenagers and young professionals. Vanessa offers great guidance when it comes to tell a genuine and compelling story about your life, achievements and goals. Vanessa is passionate about her work. She is very driven and offers her proteges her unique attention and distinctive intelligence. But more importantly, she gives them a skill-set for life: dreams can only be achieved when working tirelessly towards the highest standards, with honesty, confidence, perseverance and creativity.”

--Client (parent of successful college applicant) from Paris, France

Vanessa was key to helping me get to where I am now, admitted in a top-20 ranked US university. Her drive and relentless efforts to give me feedback on my daily application essays was a great learning process for me. Vanessa really helped me to better understand myself, my strengths, and areas of improvement, and to express my passions in a concise way. She coached me on all the important steps to make a compelling essay: finding the topic to write about, creating an outline, writing and revising the essay countless times until finding the right balance to make it stand out.  Her help and support from halfway across the globe (we talked via Skype and email) was core to motivating me to reach the best I could ever give out of myself, and for all that, I will always be thankful.”

--Successful college applicant in Shanghai, China

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