Arbitrage Admissions Advantage.

What’s your hidden advantage? We’ll help you find it!

Admissions consulting and career coaching.
One-on-one guidance from world-renowned experts.
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Our Process Involves:

Reflection & Looking Within:

Receive in-depth insights regarding your academic path, professional history & your goals, and how to best position yourself for critical admissions committees.

Build Your Brand:

A collaborative process of creating your personalized application “brand”, so that you can distinguish yourself from the crowd and highlight your strengths, no matter who you are!

School Selection:

Our experts guide you to approximate your best-fit programs and give you a range of potential options, just work for you— and your goals.

Outline & Planning:

Intensive coaching to plan your essays and tailored advice on selecting the best topics and anecdotes.

Recommender Advising:

Receive incisive guidance to understand who is really your best advocate, and support them in championing you and your accomplishments.

Essay Editing:

Experienced writers/editors will help polish your thoughts, convey your story in a clear and innovative fashion, and make it shine!

Interview Preparation:

Receive insights from a seasoned director on how best to present yourself and show your ‘best self’ at interviews! Get tips that great actors use for staying “in the moment” under pressure. Understand how to extend your unique brand from “on-the-page” to “in person”.

School Selection:

Guidance on selection of which school to attend.

Scholarship Advising:

Get the low-down on which candidates are awarded scholarships…it could be you!